Two Things You MUST Know About Your Website


Your website is an essential part of your business.  While the website itself is important, the underlying business components are more critical than many people realize. If you lose control of these services you lose your business identity on the web which can be difficult, time consuming, and expensive to recover.

You no doubt know that when you go to you’ll see a familiar website telling the world about your unique services and products.  What may not be as obvious is that the domain name – (the parts after www) is a key piece of your business identification.  It’s what makes a website and email possible, and it’s completely separate from the website itself.

This information is so vitally important to the success of your business that we encourage any business owner we meet to make sure there is someone in the organization that knows this information and understands how it works.

Your identity on the web is comprised of AT LEAST the following:

  • Your domain name.  For Taff Data this is Think of it like your incorporated name.  It’s the name that identifies you to the Internet, and is unique to your business.  You pay people annually to claim this name so no one else can use it.
  • Your website hosting service.  This is a company that keeps the files and databases associated with your website.  This service usually comes from your web developer, or from a separate company that hosts websites.  While it can be the same company as the one hosting your domain name, don’t assume that it is.  Domain Registration and Website Hosting are separate services, and neither works without the other.  You pay another fee (often monthly or annually) to have this service.

While these aren’t the only two elements, they’re the two most frequently overlooked by business owners, which is unfortunate given how important they are the success of any business. We invite you to download and fill out the free form below, and keep it in a safe place.